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Welcome to Your Nutz!

Welcome to the Home of America Novelty Testicles




The Biggest Nutz Available - 16" Monster Truck Nuts and 14" Brahma Bull Balls

Monster Truck Nuts - Biggest Nutz Made - No Bull Just Balls!

16" Monster Truck Nuts are the biggest plastic novelty testicles you can buy for your rig.

No Bull Just Balls!!


14" Flippity Floppity Brahma Bull Balls for Trucks

14" Brahma Bull Balls made of a "Flippity Floppity" type rubber and a proprietary mounting system that allows you to attach to the bottom of your truck.

Available in Red, Blue, Black, Flesh, and Chrome.

The Nuts that started the whole online craze – the 8" Original Style Your Nutz! They come in 12 different colors, including Black, Flesh, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, White, Baby Blue and a Transparent Ghost.

Also Available in the very popular Camo Nuts, Chrome Nuts, Special Trophy Nuts, and Lit Up Nuts!
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The Original Your Nutz - Nuts for Cars and Trucks - No Bull Just Balls The Original Nuts that Started it All - Cars Trucks Bikes and Even Wheelchairs and Trikes!
4" Biker Balls - Nuts for MX BMX or any type Bike! 4" Biker Balls - Nuts for MX BMX No Bull Just Balls 4" Biker Balls for MX BMX Nuts No Bull just balls     Chrome Silver Biker MX BMX Balls - Nuts for Your Ride No Bull just Balls

4" Biker Balls go perfect on your MX or BMX ride, can put them on your quad or ATV as well! Available in all colors, as well as all Chrome and Camo Patterns.

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Military Digital Camo Nuts


Shiny Chrome Plated Nuts

Red and Flesh Keychain Nuts    Black and Blue Keychain Nuts

Pink and Purple Keychain Nuts     Bright Orange and Green Keychain Nuts

2" Keychain Nuts
2" Keychain Nuts are available in the Standard 11 colors, and also Chrome and Camo Styles. Click on the Nuts for More Info!
Camo Nuts Get Some Today!

Military Digital Camo Nuts for Cars and Trucks Burlwood Camo Special Design Dipped Your Nuts Real Bushy Tree Camo Nuts Real Leafy Tree Camo Nuts

Woodland Camo Painted Nuts Urban MOUT Camo Snow Pattern Your Nuts Desert Camo Painted Your Nuts

Camoflague Painted and Dipped Nuts Available in Military Digital, Burlwood, Real Bushy and Leafy Tree, Woodland, Urban, and Desert Paint Schemes.

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Shiny Silver Chrome Plated Nuts for Cars and Trucks Antique Bronze Shiny Penny Plated Nuts for Cars and trucks  Gold Chrome Plated Nuts for Cars and Trucks Tradeshows Chrome Plated Your Nuts
Chrome Plated also comes in Keychain Nuts too!

Chrome Plated is also a style option on the 8" Original, 4" Bikers, and 2" Keychains and comes in Shiny Chrome, Fire Red, Lime Green Titanium Blue, Antique Bronze, Gold and a Dark Midnight Haze.


LED Lighted Lit Up Nuts for Cars and Trucks

Custom Made to Order Red & Green LED Lighted Nuts

Custom Made to Order LED Lighted Nuts

The LED Lighted Lit Up Nuts come in the 8" Original Size and can have up to three lights on each side. Each one is made to order, so you can tell us what color you want your stop lights to be, or what color you want your turn signals to be, same with backup or whatever configuration you want!

You pick the colors, you pick the configuration!

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