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  • The photo shown is that of our Ghost Clear Nutz with a pair of RED led's.  The picture is taken in a dark room to emphasize the effect. 

    This lighted nut has a single circuit. One LED in each half wired together. 

    The default color for the LED's is RED to comply with vehicle codes. 

    The LED’s are imbedded into our Ghost Clear Nutz and not exposed on the surface.

    The colors to choose from for the LED’s are Amber, Blue, Green, Ultra Violet (Black Light), and White.  From the pick list you need to choose a color if you want something other than the default color that is RED.  

    These Lighted Nutz are a riot!…..just check them out! 

    Each and every one of these lighted nutz is CUSTOM MADE for YOU by ME!

    It takes quite some time to make one of these. These aren’t made in China by the thousands or some automated process where they are just stamped out!  You choose the colors for the LED’s and I CUSTOM BUILD it for YOU!

    8" Lit Up Nuts - Single Circuit

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