125cc Gas Engine and Three Speed Semi-Automatic (no clutch) Transmission with Reverse.  It has Headlights, Turn Signals, Horn, Seat Belts and MORE.  This is a street legal rig in many States!!!  1st gear is vey low range, 2nd gear is a cruiser and 3rd is the Street Legal Gear!  About 40 Miles per Hour.  Engine is a Honda Clone.  Free shipping is included with every order!  Choose from the Army Green, Desert storm, Camo Green, Grey and Grey Camo.  You can choose from Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy Decals or none.  A set of 8" Flesh Nutz are included with each sale!!  We have three warehouses to ship from so shipping is wicked fast!  DOMESTIC (48 State) ORDERS ONLY.  Please call to confirm all information 888-291-9567, ask for David. The rig is imported from China so I can get as many as you want!!!  Finished dimentions about 7 feet long, 3.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall.  Can carry up to 285 pounds and will seat two.  Arrives 90% assembled.

    Mini Jeep 125cc Fun For The Entire Family