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Stainless Steel Nut Mounting Strap, Twelve inches long


These are the Chassis Mounting Straps. 12" long and 3/16" wide. I use several of these to create my Hangin’ Matrix and then I use another one or two for the actual mounting hole on the nut. These are locking straps and they are made of Stainless Steel and have a load capacity of 50 pounds EACH.

These are the straps I use to mount the nutz. They are made of Stainless Steel!

They’re strong stuff and I don’t think anybody’s going to cut these with a pen knife!

The Nut Mount Straps will work with the 4" and the 8" nutz.

You can order the Universal Mounting Kit where you get five straps to create a custom install job!

The manufacturer claims each strap has at least 50 Pounds Breaking Strength!

These straps are $1.00 EACH



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