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Connect quickly using a Trailer Plug for your Lighted Nutz


Here you have Stop, Turn and Tail lights in Your Nutz! 

Just plug the flat 4 way plug into your existing connection and you’ve got it! 

The Nutz are 8" Tall and the LED’s are Red in color. 

You can also choose from blue, white, green, orange, yellow, and Ultra Violet.

We start with very bright LED’s. We’ve installed an inline resistor so you can hook them up directly to your vehicle’s 12 volts DC. 

Next we grab a set of clear Ghost Nutz. Lamp placement holes are drilled into the center back of the nutz. Knowing that the viewing angle is very important when it comes to LED’s we drill them at a precise upward angle for optimum illumination. The LED’s are imbedded into the center region of the nutz and not exposed on the surface.

After the LED’s are installed, the holes are weather sealed.

The colors you can choose from of these LED’s are Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Ultra Violet (Black Light), and White. I believe in most states the only allowable rear facing colors on a non emergency vehicle are red, yellow or orange and white. Please check your area to be sure. 

If you are using these on your static show vehicle then any color should be fine.

These Lighted Nutz are a riot!…..just check them out! 


Each and every one of these lighted nutz is CUSTOM MADE for you by ME!
It takes quite some time to make one of these. These aren’t made in China by the thousands or some automated process where they are just stamped out!
I make these for you when you order them. These are unique!
You choose the colors for the LED’s and I CUSTOM BUILD it for YOU!
As you might guess there are no returns on CUSTOM BUILT items unless they aren’t what you ordered.

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