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Lighted LED Solid Color Nutz

$68.00 - $88.00

You asked for it and now you got it.

You can order Any Solid Color Nutz With LED's installed!!!

Not just any LED's These are the 4- Chip Super Bright SuperFlux LED's

Each Superflux LED Light is a square of brightness with FOUR TIMES the capacity of a regular LED.

What makes these perfect for this application is that we take a 4-chip Superflux LED and glue it into a Tiny Waterproof Housing.

So here is what I need to know in order to Custom Make Your Nutz:

 #1, Color of Nutz?  You Need to Choose from Flesh, Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White, Ghost Clear, Sky Blue or Green. 

#2, Number of Circuits?  You Need to Choose from Single Circuit $78.00 or 4-way trailer plug (Stop, Turn and Tail) $98.00.

#3, Color of LED's?  You Need to Choose from Red, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink and UV (BlackLight).

You will need to send me an email ( in order to let me know what your choices are.  These are not "Off the Shelf" items.  These are CUSTOM MADE for you.  So we will need to talk with me about them so I can make them correctly.  Remember custom orders are not returnable.

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